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Frequently Asked Questions
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I've received a ton of emails since relaunching the site.  Many of you havesimilar questions & concerns, so I will try to address them here for the benefit of the community.

Q1 - Is there any way to get _________ (feedback, item details, account information, etc) from the old site?  
Answer: No, unfortunately when the old site went down, the database & all related information went with it.

Q2 - I had ________ listed when the site went down & I would like to re-list it / would like a site credit / would like a refund for the listing fee - can you do this for me?
Answer: Currently all site listing fees (except auto re-list) are waived for this very reason - to allow you to re-list items that were posted at the time the site went down without additional charge.  As I do not have the access to the old database, there is no way to verify what was listed & therefore cannot issue credits or refunds.  All fees will remain waived until 6/13/2012 to allow everyone ample time to re-list.

Q3 - Is there any way to import my feedback from eBay or _________ (some other site)?  
Answer: Not at this time, but it is something I am evaluating & will add in the future if practicable.

Q4 - I just registered & can't log in - what's wrong?
Answer: All members are required to verify their email address upon registration.  A confirmation email will be instantly & automatically be sent to the address you provided.  You will not be able to log in until you follow the instructions in this email & verify your account.  If you did not receive the confirmation message, please check your SPAM filters.  Additionally, please configure your SPAM filters to allow messages from admin@badgeswap.com to ensure future notifications from the site are not mistakenly marked as spam.

Q5 - I just posted some items, but they are not showing on the site and are listed in the "pending" section of my selling activity?  
Answer: The only fee that currently isn't waived (due to technical reasons) is the auto re-list fee.  If you checked the auto re-list box when creating the listing, the fee must be paid OR the listing must be revised to remove the auto re-list option before the listing will become active on the site.

Q6 - What happened to "Ask the seller a question?"  
Answer: One major advantage the new message system has over the old is the
ability for users to send messages to each other in an email like
manner - whereas the old system ONLY allowed users to contact each
other through the message system through the above feature.  For
example - if User A was selling an item & User B used "ask seller a
question" a message board was initiated & they could communicate
freely through it.  If, however, User B was looking through closed
auctions and saw where User C had already bought the item from User A,
there was no way for User B to contact anyone whatsoever.

In the message system on the new site, you can click on "Messages" at
the top of the site, near the right & then click "Compose a new
private message" - enter ANY user's username (and optionally the item
# you are referring to), the subject, your message and then click
"Compose" to send, regardless of if either of you have any items
currently posted or not.

When you click on any received message in your inbox to read it, the
very top the popup window is the reply box - you have to scroll down
to actually read the messages that have been sent back & forth.  The
most recent will be at the top, etc, with the oldest at the bottom.

While not as streamlined as the "ask the seller a question" link onthe old system, you can see the advantage in the new system in beingable to contact any other member at any time.

Q7 - What happened to the verified LEO system?
Answer: It will be implemented on the site as soon as possible & is one of my highest priorities.

Q8 - What happened to the preferred seller program?
Answer: It remains in-place & those members who have active preferred seller subscriptions through PayPal will automatically be granted preferred seller status.

Q9 - How do I re-list an item?
Answer: Go to My Account > Selling Activity > Ended and click the "Edit and relist" button for the item you wish to re-list
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